Sessions & Fees

Sessions & Fees

The current fees are £4.50 per breakfast club session and/or £8.00 per after-school club session. Fees are payable in advance by cash, bank transfer or childcare vouchers.

The price per session per child applies to all children. This is payable for all booked sessions including when your child is sick, or on holiday (regardless of the amount of notice given). We do not charge for bank holidays and professional training days.

Please ensure that fees are paid promptly. Non-payment for more than one month may result in your place being terminated. If you are having difficulty paying fees, please speak in confidence to the Manager.

Current Session Availability

See below for details of the sessions in which we currently have spare capacity:

Breakfast Club
07:30 to 09:00
After-school Club
15:15 to 17:30
Monday16 places available4 places available
Tuesday10 places available2 places available
Wednesday14 places available8 places available
Thursday13 places available2 places available
Friday19 places available16 places available

Last updated 23/09/2022. Current session availability not shown in real time. Please check with us to confirm.

If you’re interested in booking some sessions, please contact us in advance to confirm availability, then complete the Registration Pack. You may also wish to refer to our Parent’s Handbook, Club Contract Ts & Cs and also our Admissions & Fees policy.

Changes to days and cancelling your place

You must give us one half term’s notice of termination, or of changes in attendance. If you need to change the days that your child attends, please contact the Manager. We try to accommodate such changes wherever possible.

Temporary changes

Please remember that we need to know if your child will not be attending the Club for any reason. Even if you have informed your child’s school, you still need to notify us as the school does not automatically pass this information on to us. If your child doesn’t attend a booked session, we will have to treat them as a ‘missing child’ unless you have notified us of their absence.

If you know in advance of any days when your child will not be attending during the following week, please try to let the Manager know by THURSDAY at the latest. In cases of illness or emergency when notice cannot be given, please call as soon as you can. Contact details can be found at the end of this Handbook.


You and your child are welcome to visit the Club before your child’s first day, to familiarise yourselves with the setting and to help your child settle in. Please contact the Manager to arrange this.

During your child’s first session time will be set aside for an induction. The induction will include running through Club’s rules and routines (including meal times, collection, children’s meetings), and introducing your child to the staff and other children.

Another child will usually be allocated to act as your child’s buddy for the first few sessions.

See our Child Induction Policy for more details.